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Welcome to the Law Office of Mark A. Schoenfeldt Featured

Written by  Mark Schoenfeldt

The law firm of Mark A Schoenfeldt is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The firm exclusively practices criminal defense. Mark A Schoenfeldt is comprised of several talented and experienced Wisconsin criminal defense attorneys, and is well equipped to handle all Wisconsin felony and misdemeanor matters.

The firm is located in the Germania Builiding in downtown Milwaukee, a historic building built by German immigrants. The office is only minutes away from the Milwaukee county jail.

Mr. Schoenfeldt appears in court on a daily basis aggressively defending clients from all walks of life that are facing charges ranging from shoplifting to murder. As an attorney, he understands the stakes are high for our clients and that their freedom is at stake. Over the years, Att. Schoenfeldt has developed formidable negotiation skills that ensure the best possible outcome for their clients. Criminal defense attorney Mark A. Schoenfeldt is also prepared to go to trial when necessary in order to seek a “Not Guilty” verdict.

Some criminal defense attorneys like to boast that they were former prosecutors or police officers. Mark A. Schoenfeldt was never a former prosecutor or police officer. Mark has never prosecuted or convicted anyone; nor has he ever put anyone in jail. He assists those who are facing criminal charges and the serious consequences of a conviction.

Att. Mark A. Schoenfeldt represent clients only in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. International and out-of-state residents are invited to contact the firm for assistance with Wisconsin criminal matters. In some cases our attorneys may be able to assist you on your criminal matter including but not limited to a bench warrant or probation violation without the defendant being present.

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